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I greatly appreciate your replies. First, here is what the net says about Gleason 1+1=2 Apparently it is extremely rare and the lowest value found is usually Gleason 3.

I found the following on the net:

Hence, the Gleason score can range from 2 (1+1) to 10 (5+5). The following are the basis of the assignment of the Gleason grade numbers at the primary and secondary site. From Prostate Cancer Central

Gleason Grades 1 and 2: These two grades closely resemble normal prostate. They are the least important grades because they seldom occur in the general population and because they confer a prognostic benefit which is only slightly better than grade 3. Both of these grades are composed by mass; in grade 2 they are more loosely aggregated, and some glands wander (invade) into the surrounding muscle (stroma). From Prostate Cancer Info Link

Also, different countries may have their own way to look at grading Gleason. It would seem impossible that in my case, a Gleason 2 would be possible. Also, as there are no other specimens to compare, it would seem my biopsy would have no clinical value.

I have checked the internet and have found no instance of a biopsy being done with one specimen. The Philippines has almost no Medical fraud laws. I am now thinking about getting a new biopsy done.
thank you.

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