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Hi Nam1. Your experiences sound very much like a urinary tract infection.

I had a PSA of mid-4's one year (2010). One year later, I developed a urinary infection (frequent urination and just dribbled out, couldn't empty) and had blood drawn at the urologist one day later as part of my yearly exam. PSA turned out to be 112 and doctor put me on antibiotic. I found out that the PSA decreases very slowly after that. In 3 months, it was 11 and urologist thought it was still high due to the infection. Neither the urologist nor I wanted to do a biopsy since that is quite invasive and I didn't think that my PSA would have increased from 4 to 11 in only 15 months. After another 3 months, it was mid-6's. Six months after that, it was still mid-6's (this is one year after the infection). At that point, I had a biopsy that turned out to be cancer with a Gleason score of 7.

In my case, my PSA increased from mid-4's to mid-6's in 2 years but that infection in the middle of the 2-year period really disrupted the diagnosis. Your case sounds so similar that it seems that you must have a urinary tract infection. You need to take a course of antibiotics and be patient for your PSA to decrease. With a starting PSA of only 1.85, I wouldn't rush into harsh treatments.

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