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Hi everyone. I'm new here, so I may not know exactly what to ask and how to ask it.

I'm here because my dad back in October of 2013, went to urinate in the middle of the night and had a massive amount of blood in his urine(he said it appeared to be around a pint). He said that it burned really bad, and his urine was cloudy most of the day, until that night where it cleared up and hasn't been seen since.

My dad also for years now has to get up to urinate at least two times during the night. He also was over visiting at Christmas time, and it seemed he didn't have control of his urine stream, as he got urine on my wall and floors.

In January, he went to his diabetes doctor. He had an elevated PSA of 4.5. They referred him to a urologist. He went to the urologist the 1st week of January and he took another PSA test(this one was supposed to be more advanced than the first), and was referred to get a CT scan. He also was set up for an appointment to do a scope up his urethra to look at his bladder.

They did the CT scan a week ago, they did the scope up his uretha today. The doctor said his bladder looks good and is clear. The CT scan indicated an enlarged prostate, cysts on both his kidneys, and a small hernia on the left side. His PSA level from the test they did at the urologist was elevated to a 5 instead of the previous 4.5.

They have scheduled him for a prostate biopsy on the 18th of this month. I guess I'm wondering, has anyone experienced this? The extreme bleeding? Is it possible that maybe one of the cysts on his kidney's may have burst causing the bleeding? Or is it a good chance of something going on with the prostate due to the bleeding, inability to control his urine stream and the at night waking to urinate? My dad will be 57 this year. He has had diabetes for 13 years now and has high blood pressure.

Thanks to anyone that has any ideas or any experience. I just need some kind of direction to help him realize that he does need to undergo this prostate biopsy to make sure, because my mom has the theory that it was a cyst on his kidney that burst, which caused the bleeding. So he doesn't seemed to be alarmed by the elevated PSA level, nor the enlarged prostate as he once was.

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