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My husband
May 29, 2010
... My Father had PCa the which spread to his bone. This was before PSA testing. A family history of PCa is important as it increases risk. The good news is that radiation outcome is getting better with advancements in technology. ... (12 replies)
FSH & LH Levels
May 20, 2010
... pointed out that medical castration decreased LH and FSH while orchidectomy increased both. ... (3 replies)
... prescribed supplements, and diet to manage growth of the cancer. However, PSA velocity increased and he will need either chemical or surgical castration. While the CT and bone scans were clear, it is believed he has metastases in his lymph nodes. ... (1 replies)

... working full time, and have really increased my activity. I probably biked 80 miles this week, and this is no problem for me. ... (4 replies)
... Hi pnoe, I saw that your husband had just had the markers implanted and that it had gone well. I hope all continues to go smoothly. I'll add a few comments in green to your eariler post about the change in Gleason grades. (50 replies)
... Hi tjlhb, There is an answer to your question in the previous post, #13. I'll quote what you said as it is short: At least for the vast majority of men taking finasteride or Avodart, testosterone is not decreased. In fact, for most of us it will increase somewhat. :D That's because, when we are taking either drug, less of our testosterone is being converted into... (15 replies)
Hormonal therapy
Nov 10, 2009
... Sorry to see that your psa has increased. I would assume that you told your oncologist that you would like to be checked every three months rather than every six months. ... (8 replies)
... First - can we start a new thread for the Proton Beam and the HIFU - neither of which are possibilities for my husband..... thank you! I truly appreciate all of the possibilities and suggestions out there - but from what we learned yesterday - this is already confusing enough. KCON - thanks for responding to my last message!!! When I told his doctor I didn't... (50 replies)
... Hi Sbear, I note that you are trending towards surgery as an option. If so you may want to google "Cavermap". It's essentially a nerve sparing procedure that identifies and hopefully isolates the important nerves that deal with tumessence (erectile function), prior to the removal of the prostate and any surrounding tissues. Before closing the incision the nerves are re-tested... (70 replies)
One man's story
Feb 15, 2009
... g the supplement resulted no noticable difference in my symptoms. The breast pain may have been in my head. Haven't noticed it since. I'm sure the prostate size increased but the adjusted PSA showed no significant increase. Also I was back on Proscar prior to my surgery. I really didn't notice any side effects then. ... (2 replies)
... It's great to have a strong level of support through this process. It can be reassuring to hear what other people have done, although everyone is different and has their own specific diagnosis, PSA, Gleason scores, etc. Many of the books usually have a bias one way or the other, so I think one has to use a lot of judgment in evaluating. I must admit that I went overboard,... (9 replies)
... Hi Jm, my PSA had only increased by 1 two yrs prior to diagnoses. I am being cared for by the VA Medical Center at Decatur GA. Thanks for the great info. ... (3 replies)
Life Expectantcy
Oct 1, 2008
... last time. That said, my case is challenging, with an initial PSA of 113. ... (9 replies)
... different cancers, including prostate cancer. There was no notable evidence that sugary drinks affected any cancer, and there was only a "limited, suggestive increased risk" for "foods containing sugar" and colorectal cancer. That's a really weak record of activity compared to many other food items in the table. ... (29 replies)
... op incontinence and erectile disfunction as age at surgery increased over 50. When I said thats not what I traveled down to Baltimore to hear he replied I was risk averse and probably didn't invest most of my money in the NASDAQ. ... (30 replies)
... op incontinence and erectile disfunction as age at surgery increased over 50. When I said thats not what I traveled down to Baltimore to hear he replied I was risk averse and probably didn't invest most of my money in the NASDAQ. ... (30 replies)
... I have not researched the mortality rate but was informed by my surgeon that it has in fact dropped dramatically in the past 15 years. More so than any other cancer. He also credited it mainly to the fact that more cancers are caught at a much earlier stage than ever before. When expressing I understood that I was fairly young (47) to have PC, he told me a full 1/3 of his PC... (139 replies)
... hour if I felt I needed to or not. Once I got used to this feeling I increased it to 1 hour, then I was able to build up a pretty good stream and do kegels mid stream. ... (5 replies)
... aid there was no blood in my urine. He then did the turn your head and cough thing. He ended up ordering 9 diffrent blood tests hepititis and others including a PSA test. ... (2 replies)
PSA news
May 23, 2019
... in June. By September that had increased to 0.02. ... (1 replies)

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