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... Hi doncy and welcome to the board! I'm responding to your original post below. I'm with kcon in not knowing this area well, but we non-docs are not alone: the urologists aren't on real firm ground either. :dizzy: :( Obviously Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a common method for urologists, and so you can guess that the American Urological Association, their medical... (39 replies)
... Actually, your experience so far reminds me a lot of what my wife and I went through back in December 1999, following a routine physical where the PSA result I got only at my insistance was 113.6. ... (7 replies)
Psa Test
Jul 29, 2008
... Hey BCAMERON, yes, do it. My PSA steadily increased from age 48 to 51. The levels were not real high but the increase was noticible. ... (4 replies)

... I think it's difficult to get even the opinions of we amateurs without that. If it's increased at a sufficient rate to warrant a biopsy, maybe you should get one. As to the complications and risks for the time you're off the medication, I cannot comment. ... (7 replies)
... into cardiac arrest just from the stress of anticipating a simple biopsy procedure. Imagine that! I'll bet that lowered his malpractice insurance rates while the increased costs of using a surgical center are shifted over to my insurance! ... (7 replies)
Psa velocity
Nov 15, 2012
... Lastly, do you have an opinion on riding a stationary bike riding and how it may effect psa levels? ... (8 replies)
... Tks Allen. Very much appreciated the info on PHI and PCA3 tests I did not know about and to consider in a possible biopsy decision. My concern is: the simultaneous rise in the PSA and in IGF-1 and DHT might be telling me I mess up something with DHEA/Chrysin/I3C fueling a latent PC (the positive (!) side could be an early diagnostic). Hence I stopped. I understand... (8 replies)
... That initial increase in PSA level may be due to the drugs initial flare with regards to the decrease of leukocytes. ... (6 replies)
PSA Dropped
Jul 28, 2011
... PSA can also be increased if the blood is taken after a digital rectal exam, or if you had sex before the test, for example. ... (4 replies)
... Seeing nothing in the CDU doesn't rule out PC, but makes the likely hood that if you do have a tumor it is slow growing and non agressive. Your low psa and low pca3 also indicate this. CDU is one of the only scans that can see the anterior and is better than an MRI in this one regard. ... (17 replies)
... Our patients who have been on Proscar for a long period of time and when diagnosed with prostate cancer, all had high grade tumors which increased their risk of having extracapsular extension. ... (17 replies)
Free PSA question
Sep 15, 2007
... Good luck daff; I'll be following your progress with great interest! ;) (7 replies)
Free PSA question
Sep 15, 2007
... you have something going on or zero percent. My PSA had increased from 2.9 to 3.9, and my doctor suggested I retest in 3 months, which I did. When it stayed at a similar level of 4. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks for that,Bob. I see the urologist next Wednesday to get the results from the blood test I had yesterday. Keeping fingers crossed. (3 replies)
... It has been only 2 days since my urologist told me that I need a biopsy. The anxiety level has already become intense. In the 2 weeks since being referred I have had a very weak stream & increased dribbling. I also seem to have to go more often. I am wondering if this is just being more aware or is it all in my mind? Special thoughts & prayers to LouAnn53 & her husband as they... (37 replies)
... I finally decided to undertake a (bipolar) TURP. This is status today (19 days after surgery) and would like to share experience. STATUS: • TURP (bipolar) done 19 days ago • Main reason: huge post void residual which increased over 6 years from 200ml to 800-900ml and no effect of large doses of tamsulosin (2x0.4mg). Prior to TURP I had a cystoscopy and pressure-flow... (8 replies)
... At least 3 hours per week of vigorous cardiovascular exercise is important, under his doctor's advice. It is associated with increased survival and better quality of life among men with PC. ... (8 replies)
... s do not increase the risk of higher grade disease. I believe they actually decrease that risk, though the evidence is not as strong as it is for the absence of increased risk. ... (8 replies)
... answer. Mi father is taking 50 mg bicalutamide every day since august. He has a litthe anemia and his calcium levels are increassing now in 9.3, and also he has increased GPT levels. ... (13 replies)
... Hi Tomi, I think you raise some interesting points about research and statistics. Having been in research myself, I am perhaps qualified to address some of your concerns. 1. In order to have your research published in peer-reviewed journals, such as the ones allowed into pubmed, your research has to be of sufficiently high quality and integrity. There are often standard... (17 replies)

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