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... I had family history working against me. My PCP was well aware that my father died of PC at 68 and so he insisted on a PSA every year after age 40. On the day that my PSA exceeded 4.3, he immediately referred me to a urologist. My urologist did the DR and found nothing. ... (16 replies)
... s PSA is still fairly low even if the cause of the elevation is prostate cancer. ... (16 replies)
... No biopsy done. The DR is saying he can wait another 6 months and recheck PSA again. ... (16 replies)

... Ok , just left the Drs appointment for my husbands 6 month check on PSA. It went from 4.1 last check to 4.73. The Dr told my husband he recommends doing a recheck in 6 months. My husband is comfortable I知 waiting. I知 not comfortable waiting but I can稚 change his mind. What do you think? (16 replies)
... Was a biopsy done yet? If so, what were the results of the biopsy? (16 replies)
... Hi again Murphy, I am a big fan of second opinions when a situation is in the gray area, but sometimes that is just not practical from a family standpoint, and the burden of travel certainly deserves consideration. It's quite possible that a more distant expert would essentially endorse the first doctor's view, and that could add peace of mind and increase confidence in... (16 replies)
... Hi IADT3since2000;5491452 After reading your response I do feel somewhat better about waiting if I can’t change my husbands mind. The Urologist he’s seeing is not at a really big hospital. I tried to get him to Vanderbilt but he didn’t want to drive 2 hrs.I’m trying to talk him into doing the Multi-parametric MRI even if insurance won’t pay for it. If I have good luck and... (16 replies)
... We go to the Urologist Thursday January 10. I admit I知 pretty nervous about it. I値l post as soon as I find out anything. I知 so thankful I found this site. I appreciate all prayers and information. I値l be praying for you also Tony. Murphy (16 replies)
... Hi GoingFor Broke and welcome to the Board! Your diagnosis back then would today be viewed as very low risk prostate cancer, which is a really favorable situation. What your doctor put you on back in 2007 is better termed 努atchful waiting rather than 殿ctive surveillance, the latter term being quite well defined (though still evolving at the edges) and thoroughly... (3 replies)
... I know of a guy in his late 40's with a similar situation. His PSA spikes at times. Several biopsies with nothing positive. His PSA readings have always returned to the normal range. ... (7 replies)
... It may be too late for you to read this, but there are some other techniques to help assess or determine whether there is cancer other in addition to the free PSA mentioned earlier. ... (7 replies)
... My husband had a similar route, two negative biopsies, and a PSA increase. Had a saturation biopsy, and cancer was found. I believe he had false negative results prior to the final biopsy. That is not uncommon. ... (7 replies)
... My husband has been having increasing PSA levels for the past few yrs. ... (7 replies)
... At least you have good family communication on that score, and you have an excellent PSA track record for comparison and trend watching. ... (1 replies)
... See uro as frequent urination continuing. First PSA 1. ... (7 replies)
... Hi nadamlie and welcome to this board! :) You've had some helpful replies already, but I'll add a few points in green to an excerpt of your initial post. I'll be second guessing the doctors, but please be aware that I have had no enrolled medical education. I'm just passing on what I have learned from coping with this disease over the past ten years. Good luck with... (5 replies)
... Here are considerations on the other side of the scale, on the side of just continuing to observe with PSA tests. ... (9 replies)
Psa @ 4.7 ?????
Apr 2, 2006
... When your number is in the 4's does that mean your more or less likely to have PC than some one with let's say a PSA of 10? ... (39 replies)
... He said he wanted to start slow and monitor PSA as we go along. ... (13 replies)
... Those PSA levels would suggest failure after an RP, but radiation and cryo are different. ... (5 replies)

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