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a ball on the bottom of my stomach (31)
a big lump in my stomach (111)
a big lump on kidney (10)
a bump in my stomach (302)
a bump in stomache (15)
a bump on my stomach (347)
a bump on my stomache (20)
a bump on the left side of my stomach (30)
a bump under the skin of the stomach (19)
a cancer lump on my stomach? (177)
a knot at the right lower part of my stomach (12)
a large lump in my stomach (86)
a lump in stomach could be (395)
a lump in my stomach (1021)
a lump in my stomach ? (1086)
a lump in my stomach ? (1086)
a lump in my upper stomach (157)
a lump in the left side of the stomach (158)
a lump on my stomach (920)
a lump on the side of my left side of stomach (160)
a lump on the side of my stomach (314)
a pain and bump on my side (579)
a prostrate psa of 8 (39)
a psa high of 4 to much? (279)
a psa of o.5 (3929)
a psa reading of .08 (17)
a psa reading of 0.9 (592)
a psa with no cancer (900)
a testicle looks like (86)
ab and pelvic ct scan (21)
abdominal pain feel lump hurt (19)
acheing in legs (15)
acheing legs (15)
acheing testicle (12)
acheing testicles (11)
achieve dry orgasm (16)
aching in left testicle (38)
aching left testicle (40)
aching right testicle (33)
active surveillance age 50 prostate cancer (28)
adt3 (11)
advanced prostate cancer and me (152)
advanced prostate cancer gleason 8 (59)
affect psa levels (21)
afraid of prostate biopsy (17)
after (546767)
after 3 negative prostate biopsy psa gone up (11)
after antibiotics test your psa (35)
after antibiotics test your psa (35)
after bph surgery (13)
after catheter comes out (113)
after catheter peeing pain (19)
after ebrt psa 0.1 (12)
after effects catheter during surgery (31)
after ejaculation my psa was 4.5 (27)
after having a catheter removed is it normal to be in great pain (47)
after orgasm pain in my rectal (11)
after prostate biopsy how long until results (20)
after prostate surgery message board (16)
after prostate surgery psa reading (105)
after prostate surgery, bladder spasms (20)
after prostate surgury (18)
after prostrate surgery (41)
after radiation how long does it take for psa to go down (39)
after radiation psa of 1.1 (437)
after radiation psa results (212)
after radiation what should psa be (156)
after sex i feel the need to urinate (74)
after surgery catheter problems (227)
after the catheter problems (289)
after the urologist did the tests for prostate (52)
after treatment, what should my psa be after six months (14)
after vitamin d therapy levels drop (10)
age 53 psa 7 (22)
age adjusted psa (13)
age and psa range (58)
age and psa reading (119)
age reference range psa (10)
age-adjusted psa (13)
alot of bleeding in catheter (16)
alprox (10)
am hifu (32)
am i too young to a ct scan (148)
am urinating so often (108)
another (335006)
another (335006)
answers and leg bag (12)
antibiotic (17138)
antibiotic and enlarged prostate (33)
antibiotic before psa (28)
antibiotic before psa (28)
antibiotic psa test (14)
antibiotics (33159)
antibiotics and psa (91)
antibiotics and psa levels (34)
antibiotics and psa reading (42)
antibiotics and psa test (39)
antibiotics and rising psa (20)
antibiotics and saw palmetto (65)
antibiotics before a psa test (41)
antibiotics before psa (30)
antibiotics before psa tests (10)
antibiotics effect on psa (16)
antibiotics for enlarged prostate (44)
antibiotics for psa (84)
antibiotics for rising psa (11)
antibiotics high psa (64)
antibiotics high psa (64)
antibiotics lower psa (18)
antibiotics psa (94)
antibiotics psa level (25)
antibiotics to lower psa (16)
antibiotics trigger cancer (13)
antibiotics/psa (178)
antibotics elevated (13)
anus burning (317)
anxiety and psa results (58)
anxiety loss of feeling in penis (11)
appointment myers prostate (13)
are brazil nuts safe (10)
are brazil nuts safe? (10)
are these lumps in my stomach cancer (39)
are these lumps in my stomach cancer (39)
are you scared of prostate cancer (74)
ari drugs (12)
arm pain from post-catheter (23)
as (1191891)
aspirin and lupron (27)
at what stage of prostate cancer would the doctor order a bone scan (10)
average life expectancy prostate cancer (13)
average life expectancy with prostate cancer (12)
average p s a reading (1960)
average p.s.a. age readings (94)
average p.s.a. age readings (94)
average prostate size (12)
average psa for cancer (87)
average psa for men over 50 (15)
average psa levels (18)
average psa numbers (26)
average psa reading (21)
average psa score (31)
average psa scores (10)
average time for result of prostate biopsy (14)
avodart and psa levels (41)
avodart lupron (61)
avodart psa levels up and down (15)
awaiting ct scan results (90)

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