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... From everything I have heard and read, and admittedly I am far from being an expert, but when the psa rises that quickly like your husband's has, it is usually the result of an infection or inflammation. ... (17 replies)
... I'm with daff and dale in wondering if that rapid PSA rise is not caused by an infection. That urination pattern would be consistent with infection, though possibly prostate cancer could be the cause. ... (8 replies)
... In September of 2007 I had a physical. At that time my PSA was 0.8. This has been the average for me for the part five years. ... (13 replies)

... That's definitely on the high side for a 52 year old, but the fluctuation makes me wonder if a chronic infection is driving the PSA, perhaps with partial contributions from the sources daff asked about. Has your urologist suggested the role of infection? ... (26 replies)
... Hi and let me say I appreciate any and all help with the following. ... (4 replies)
... The reason I mentioned Bactrim is because Cipro is usually first line and Bactrim is second line. It is possible you have an infection resistant to Bactrim that was triggered by your taking it this time. You can try a different antibiotic for a few weeks. ... (8 replies)
... Actually it would be easy for health professionals at the health fairs and the GPs to miss a prostate infection, as such infections are often subtle and difficult to detect, notoriously so. I'm a little surprised that the urologist did not mention infection as a possibility after that falling PSA. ... (5 replies)
... The diagnosis comes as a stunning shock to most of us, especially if we are on the young side, fit and in good health! ... (7 replies)
... Another article said that both free and total PSA increase dramatically when there is manipulation of the gland, such as from a DRE. ... (17 replies)
... than 2 pts. in a year. I had a biopsy, found early cancer, had RPS at U.W. Madison Hosp., Madison, WI and am now fine. Last PSA was zero. Hope all goes well. ... (17 replies)
... st let me formally welcome you and your first posting on this site by saying that it's never too early to learn about prostate health, but hopefully your rise in PSA turns out to be like the majority of other men with a rise in PSA... ... (29 replies)
Psa numbers
Feb 12, 2009
... take more followup work to know for sure what is going on, but my guess as a layman now savvy about the disease but with no enrolled medical education is that an infection or inflammation rather than cancer is causing the increase. ... (34 replies)
... up PSA test three months later. ... (3 replies)
... x two days in a row prior to the test. He said it doesn't matter, but everything I have read, it does. I told him I wanted to do a follow up test before a biopsy and thats when it went down to 4.3. I am trying to find a new Urologist. I am going to get a free PSA test next week along with another PSA test with another lab. ... (4 replies)
... was prescribed and a bioposy was scheduled for the 7th week. So, 6 weeks from now he gets another PSA to see if it's down. If not a biopsy will be performed on the 7th week. ... (14 replies)
... Thank you again for your always informative and generous reply!! ... (44 replies)
Psa velocity
Nov 15, 2017
... Yes, it would make the PSA more accurate, and likely the free PSA more accurate also. ... (19 replies)
Scared to Death
Apr 1, 2016
... The PSA sentry is clearly sounding an alarm, which is what it is supposed to do. ... (3 replies)
New to the Board
Jan 17, 2011
... That PSA decline after the antibiotics indicate that infection is probably playing some role in the PSA elevation. Test variance could account for some, possibly all, of the difference. ... (7 replies)
High PSA
Jul 21, 2010
... It is possible if your high PSA is caused by inflammation or infection. Usually the urologist will order another PSA test after 3 weeks of Cipro. My PSA did not come down. ... (3 replies)

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