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... life is good! ... (11 replies)
... comfort and help here. I'll add some comments in green to parts of your post. Like your dad, I too had some challenging features in my case, including initial PSA coincidentally of 113, but my Gleason score was lower and no bone mets were detected. ... (8 replies)
... mail from a friend who knew I had pCA and surgery asking for advice. As most of you will understand it is important to give advice as unbiased as possible so that they can make their own informed decision. ... (4 replies)

... and I decided to think about it. After a couple of weeks I had a phone conversation with my urologist and we both agreed that since this was the first time the PSA had jumped up that we could watch it, but he wanted to see me every 6 months for a PSA and an exam. ... (10 replies)
... making role and letting the doctor call the shots, which is just not a good idea! As the others indicated, from the few details in your post, it looks like you have time to aim carefully before you pull the trigger. ... (13 replies)
... In September of 2007 I had a physical. At that time my PSA was 0.8. This has been the average for me for the part five years. ... (13 replies)
Prostate Size
May 13, 2016
... for each cc of prostate that is not cancerous. Therefore, with a prostate of 95 cc, a PSA of 9.5 would not be unusual, and your PSA is only 5.2. To my layman's eyes, that looks like BPH is accounting for the modest elevation in your PSA, with "modest" related to the size. ... (3 replies)
... Actually, there probably is a way, but it may not be practical for you. ... (11 replies)
Biopsy Results
Feb 1, 2011
... would have shown up positive, so there is no way that I would have been misdiagnosed as negative. ... (5 replies)
... At time of diagnosis, 53 years old, excellent health... PSA jumped from 3.2 to 5. ... (5 replies)
... Strictly speaking, that staging should be T2bNXMX with the X standing for "unknown". However, I think that the 0 is probably often used if mets are not expected. ... (2 replies)
New to the Board
Jan 16, 2011
... you have to hit it with the right antibiotic, and that often takes many trials. Cipro works for many men, but fails for many others. A biopsy now is reasonable, but there is a good chance that it will be negative. ... (7 replies)
... Viperfred is probably in the handful of most knowledgeable prostate cancer survivors in the nation on CyberKnife, so you've already gotten great tips on that. ... (7 replies)
... I'm sorry you have had such a rough introduction to the world of prostate cancer. I'm not sure whether you or the President is facing greater challenges. ... (3 replies)
... op PSA velocity. ... (11 replies)
... Welcome to the board! Your father is indeed fortunate to have your help and support. ... (16 replies)
... term swings because it is impacted by lots of variables. It is logical to conclude that this drop is an indication that your antibiotic therapy is working and apparently your doctor thinks so. See where it is at the end of 30 days. Sometimes longer term antibiotics are necessary to treat prostatitis. ... (2 replies)
... My husband is 40. For the last 5 years he's suffered from a painful enlarged prostate. 5 years ago he was diagnosed with prostatitis and treated with antibiotics. ... (10 replies)
... a little pill once a day, and his PSA is now low normal. I wanted to do a short message and not go into all the stuff he went through because of incompetent and thoughtless doctors. ... (10 replies)
... was in a panic at first. Next was the bone density and pelvis MRI to determine if the cancer had spread beyond the prostate, luckily as it turns out, the cancer is contained within the prostate. ... (25 replies)

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