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... Sorry for the long post! My 3rd Urologist (first 2 wanted to do a TRUS biopsy) is recommending the Fusion Biopsy. I got the results of the MRI today but failed to ask the size of the concerned area of the prostate in the MRI. (sent message w/question) My question is, should I get the Targeted Fusion Biopsy? PSA chronology: 7-22-16 - 1.2 8-10-18 - 3.6 (6 replies)
... recently had two PSA tests within 3 weeks of each other. ... (1 replies)
... I am going to have a blood draw on Monday for a free psa so that I have that result when the urologist examines me on the 26th. ... (58 replies)

... ise. Other blood tests are often helpful before going ahead with a biopsy, though age is a factor. If you are young, say younger than about 50, that's a pretty high PSA. If you are in your 70s or older, that PSA is on the low side of normal. ... (3 replies)
... PSA level was normal at 2. ... (2 replies)
... Catching the cancer early is the best cure. Like sparky0911 mentions, biopsies aren't fun, but it gives you valuable information. My PSA was 12, I had a normal DRE and no symptoms. I had a biopsy done and it came back cancer positive in 2 of the 10 sites. ... (58 replies)
If 4.5 psa
Mar 27, 2009
... or to a combination of some of these. You are probably most worried about prostate cancer with that PSA of 4.5, but cancer is not the most likely cause. While such a PSA is in the zone of concern, it is not a very high PSA. ... (1 replies)
... An infection or inflammation can drive PSA into the 50s, though my layman's impression is that that is not usual. ... (6 replies)
First PSA 15.2
Jan 17, 2011
... The score that's driving the concern in your case is that PSA of 15. If there might be some infection involved, which would also likely boost PSA independent of cancer, that could alter the picture a lot. ... (13 replies)
... was prescribed and a bioposy was scheduled for the 7th week. So, 6 weeks from now he gets another PSA to see if it's down. If not a biopsy will be performed on the 7th week. ... (14 replies)
PSA anxiety
Mar 20, 2011
... risk type. The first fact is that your PSA is well under 10. The second is that you are not seeing a rise of more than 2.0 in a year. ... (10 replies)
... If you're really concerned, have your urologist run a free PSA test which is more indicative of cancer. ... (1 replies)
... I was, following the biopsy, ejaculating dead blood for the better part of three months following the procedure. The next PSA test spiked to 5. ... (0 replies)
... I was, following the biopsy, ejaculating dead blood for the better part of three months following the procedure. The next PSA test spiked to 5. ... (0 replies)
PSA anxiety
Mar 20, 2011
... My PSA has gone from 2. ... (10 replies)
Psa 13.82
Nov 10, 2011
... I did have a DRE and it came up negative. The UTI has been totally clear for over three weeks now. My prostate looked normal on the ultrasounds with no sign of enlargement. ... (5 replies)
... I'm 53, for the last few years my PSA has been between 1. ... (1 replies)
Real or False
Apr 11, 2011
... In essence, your PSA was more or less stable around 1.08 to 1.8 last year, but then you had a result of 5.2 a few weeks ago. ... (17 replies)
PSA rise
Nov 13, 2007
... First, something caused your PSA to jump all the way from .8 to 8.5, and then fall to 3.9 three weeks later. It could have been a test error as the doctor suspected. ... (9 replies)
... My impression from reading is that often it would feel normal even with prostatitis. Sometimes prostatitis causes an abnormal DRE. ... (2 replies)

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