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... days of your PSA test, or if your doctor performed a DRE prior to the taking of blood for the test, your PSA reading could be higher than otherwise. So for subsequent PSA tests, keep this in mind. ... (10 replies)
... I'm not sure by how much, but maybe the doctor can say. In any event, this shouldn't change much in your treatment profile. You can always repeat the PSA test if that information is considered important in your treatment plan, but why not wait and see the results and talk to the doctors at Florida Proton. ... (36 replies)
... g for this board that we have a physician participating. I have come to realize that physicians typically have as much difficulty with the diagnosis as the rest of us. I dearly hope that you will continue to participate, and I hope you won't mind discussing some issues. ... (9 replies)

... I read your post regarding the 3 or 6 mo. PSA testing. I'm the one who had the PCA3 plus test performed recently. Like you I became concerned with the rising numbers, then a dip etc. ... (26 replies)
... that it may be a result of inflammation resulting from BPH symptoms and wants to retest psa in a couple of months. He also has prescribed Flomax to assist the prostate with related BPH symptoms which may be pushing up the PSA. ... (36 replies)
Change of life
May 23, 2010
... I would like to join White Lightning in welcoming you to the board! Yes, all of us would rather not have a reason to have joined, but we are a good group. ... (19 replies)
PSA Jump at 37
Jul 26, 2010
... I am 37 and recently had a scare due to my PSA jump. ... (0 replies)
Newly Diagnosed
Jun 25, 2010
... As of this moment, Dale and JohnT have both provided responses that should help you a lot. ... (35 replies)
... free PSA test about 3 months from the recent one. While the increase from 3 to 5 could be significant, getting another one would be good. ... (3 replies)
... Today I met the Urologist to say my mpMRI was negative. His recommendation is to now have shorter intervals for the PSA monitoring. Every 3 months and if the PSA remians elevated to repeat a biopsy. He told me I did have a large prostate and will have to live the symptoms of BPH. No imflamation or infection was evident. ... (36 replies)
... My husband did 40 sessions of radiation and we did his Psa two weeks after the sessions. His Psa was 0.6. Six months later his Psa is 7.2. We were told it is probably a bounce and we will repeat it Psa again in two weeks. What happens next if he still has cancer. ... (27 replies)
... colds, flu like lethargy, allergic responses, chronic dry cough, and epidiymitis in left testicle. I have started a 10 day regimen of CIPRO. Doctor thinks the symptoms are coincidental to the biopsy. ... (3 replies)
... He suggested a repeat of the PSA and we followed suit. ... (27 replies)
... Even if with a negative biopsy, but with rising PSA, the urologist will be inclined to order repeat biopsy. ... (10 replies)
... tea colored urine upon rising. Immediately called uro and went in that day. DRE was normal ... "small, smooth gland." He acknowledged I had a lot of blood in my urine. The bleeding stopped after about 9 days. ... (2 replies)
PSA Test
Feb 26, 2006
... have your PSA taken. ... (4 replies)
PSA Level
Aug 9, 2008
... Hi..I'm new to this board and just posted my summary elsewhere, so won't repeat the detail here. ... (20 replies)
PSA Level
Jun 2, 2008
... All 12 samples were benign! I feel like we won the lottery! He is to return to his urologist in six months and I can only assume they will watch him closely. Of course I have questions for you...If there is no sign of any infections and his results were negative, what makes a man's PSA level go up? ... (20 replies)
... After surgery, your doctor could require several repeat PSA readings before attempting to logically gauge the situation, and what future approach can be considered. ... (58 replies)
... Hello Thom, Fortunately you have ready access to the wonderful resources at Johns Hopkins. From my savvy layman's perspective, the advice you are getting from your doctors looks right. Infections are often very hard or impossible to pin down, and they typically cause a PSA that will bounce around a bit instead of increasing in that tell-tale pattern that suggests... (2 replies)

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