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PSA MRI and pain
Nov 20, 2016
... PSA 3.1. Both these times I did not know I must have no ejaculation for 48 hours. January 2016, I went to a local urologist, he did DRE and said normal, PSA 2. ... (4 replies)
... sensitive" PSA test. ... (4 replies)
... lly specialized ultrasound equipment at a few specialized centers. However, it can be used to aim a biopsy needle when a biopsy is being done. I don't know its value for bladder or kidneys. ... (9 replies)

... Hi again Augerty, I'm back, and here are some more thoughts in green, continuing from about an hour ago. Jim (3 replies)
Free PSA question
Nov 14, 2007
... There is a fairly new test available that is much more precise than either the PSA or the free PSA, though it is not conclusive. ... (7 replies)
Free PSA question
Sep 15, 2007
... I view the PSA test with a great deal of skepticism. I didn't put a great deal of trust in mine only because there are too many factors that affect the readings. ... (7 replies)
... r medications to see if one of them will work. However, quite a few men will still have an infection after these tactics. As you know, an infection can raise a PSA and bounce it around quite a bit. By the way, in his Primer, Dr. ... (1 replies)
Free PSA question
Sep 15, 2007
... I'm 62 and my PSA spiked at 4.1 three months ago with free PSA of . ... (7 replies)
... Your story reminds me of my own introduction to prostate cancer, back when I did not know what a DRE was and thought the upper value for a PSA test was 10. ... (3 replies)
Undetectable PSA
Feb 27, 2008
... that happened to me once, resulting in a report of about 20 instead of about 8, which was the correct value based on a retest of the remainder of the same sample and a fresh PSA test the day after we got the result. ... (4 replies)
... lenging case, though I was delighted when no detectable metastases were found on the bone, CT and ProstaScint scans. Since 1999 when I thought the maximum for a PSA test was 10 and did not know there was such a thing as a DRE, I've become a savvy survivor. However, I've had no enrolled medical education. ... (2 replies)
... Apparently it is extremely rare and the lowest value found is usually Gleason 3. ... (6 replies)
PSA anxiety
Aug 18, 2011
... Update: PSA Value Lab Normal Range of Lab 12/04/2008 2.1 Lab A 0-3.5 11/18/2009 2.8 Lab A 0-3.5 03/04/2011 3.5 Lab B 0-3.1 05/23/2011 3.4 (.147 free) Lab A 0-3.5 06/15/2011 2.7 Lab C (10 replies)
Psa Test
Dec 13, 2007
... To be on the safe side, hormonal blockade therapy, perhaps coupled with radiation, might be your best bet. If the cancer is beyond the range of radiation, I'm thinking that radiation might not add much value at this point. There are two outstanding books that talk about hormonal therapy. ... (7 replies)
... Jim's just gave you some excellent advice- as he always does. I'll second your opinion to get a more enlightened urologist. You're a long way ahead of many patients in that you've empowered yourself to get educated and not accept everything you hear at face value (whether it's from one of us on this board, or from an official physician...). (4 replies)
... Pre Treatment PSA 4. ... (22 replies)
... It's helpful to get your historical insights about these tests, but I want to make a few points about why I'm enthusiastic regarding the value of these tests. I'll comment in green using an excerpt from your post a couple of posts back, behind Gleason9's post that also supports use of those tests. ... (27 replies)
... rd is that it helps us exchange views and both fertilize and weed our own personal fields of what we think is true, and I believe these threads will have the key value of helping fellow survivors and their loved ones with their decisions. ... (22 replies)
... re are a couple of recent threads about it. Unfortunately, it appears that a strong motivation to hold down health care costs, coupled with a low regard for the value of lives of senior men, is clouding the vision of many in the health care community. ... (5 replies)
... prostatic sources of PSA. I was responding to someone who was worried that the PSA after prostatectomy wasn't measured accurately enough by standard tests, and was trying to allay her fears. ... (27 replies)

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