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Hello. It is sad to hear how everyone has had bad times with there parent(s). Me and my mom had a very bad relationship for many years. She was an alcoholic, she physically and mentally abused me, my sister and my brother. She used to say she wish she never had us because she could never have a boyfriend because of us. We all have different fathers and my mother never wed any of the 3. They were all abusive to her, whether mentally or physically.

My sisters father used to beat all of us. I have seen him hit my mom so many times. She finally got away from him many years ago. But she herself was abusive towards me and my siblings.

At the age of 16 I finally moved in with my older brother who was 20 at the time and had his own apartment. I couldn't take it anymore. She hit me and yelled at me almost everyday when she was drunk. She slept with guys who were as young as 17 and the whole school knew about it and people would say stuff to me. I also found out she did cocaine. I couldn't take it anymore I was practically suicidal because I felt my life was so f'd up.

Well I'm almost 21 now. I have my own apartment and live with my boyfriend. My mother and I now have a better relationship because I have learned to forgive. I think she still drinks but I don't talk about it when i go to visit her.

I have gone to therepy and talked about alot of this. They diagnosed me with PTSD because I wake up with nightmares about my mother or step father abusing me and I feel like I'm reliving it. I take meds for it and its not to bad anymore but I still get the nightmares at least once a week. I'm just glad me and my mother are on good terms now and I love her very much and I forgive her for what she has put me through. But I will never forget it. I guess it was just that traumatizing.

I can only hope all of you can have a better relationship with your mom or your dad if they have done you wrong in the past.
But in some cases I can understand if you would never want to talk to them again. In the case if you were sexually abused by a family member. Thankfully I have never gone through that but God bless any of you who have. I just hope the best for all of you. Whether you forgive and move on or put it in the past and work through the bad memories. Remember there is always help out there and you are not alone.


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