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Hello my name yoshiko sorry English not my first language my friend paul helping me write story.

So what happen we used to go out and drink me yoshiko and mayuko &paul and marko paul had girlfriend named yoko back in japan at time she not see paul for about 6 months as she working in japan.

Yoko doesn't like me or mayuko we from Osaka she from kyoto so we go nightclub and paul just watching us dance. I think now it not nice marko my boyfriend dancing with two girls and enjoy a lot and always having the fun and many other guy always saying to us what a lucky man we dance sexy with him just for fun

This year on new year my friend mayuko said I want to meet Aussie guy and have the boyfriend so we out drink and party again my ex boyfriend marko make us very drunk and our dance become very very sexy more then usual and we start doing kissing all three together we very drunk we both wear the g-string he grab our bums I enjoying this and mayuko look like she enjoy at time my friend paul gone home he sent the message that was to much to handle tonight sorry enjoy your new year.

We went back to hotel and we sleep together I feel very sick next day and very ashame what I do I went nightclub because they take some picture night before it very embarrassing they let me keep picture I destroy.

After threesome mayuko my best friend for many year find the boyfriend she embarrassed we make threesome and not answer the phone I hate what happen and myself last time we talk was 15th January I think I losing best friend. I also almost lose my friend paul he is very good man.

After February my boyfriend marko break up he said he enjoy before we do the dirty dancing And he feel good have the two girls in his arms he said for long time we do this and you find another japan girl so we can do again otherwise relationship is no good for us.

I very lonely now paul girlfriend coming to australia now and she living with hm she doesn't like me so last 2 month I just stay home and sleep all the time and watch movie.

I not sure if is should do try to get boyfriend back or move on he went thailand for four week by himself just for relax holiday.

I wish I never did threesome before at time it was fun but it end this badly and next day I feel like bad people because this.

Thank you,

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