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I'm having trouble dealing with my boyfriends extreme moods swings. One minute everything will be okay and then the next moment it's like a disaster has happened. It could be a word or a look ..pretty much anything can set him off. It's always my fault no matter what has happened and he won't talk to me..that just makes it worse. His moods can get extremely bad. I just feel the relationship is very one sided. If I get upset, I should get over it or he says I need to remember we are on the same team, but if he gets upset...he is in full right to act like a jerk and we need to leave him alone. I feel like I have to walk on eggshells. What can I do?
Hi, you need to throw him to the curb and find someone more stable. Do not make the mistake of hanging on to someone who is abusive to you, you are better than that.....
I totally agree. You will never "get it right" with this man. Nobody should have to walk on eggshells in their partnership. Find a nice grownup. Sera
Welcome to the forum. Has he been abusive to you?
No. He has never hit me. It's his attitude. Most of the time everything is great, but one little thing can make him upset. Then it's like he is mad at the whole world.
[QUOTE=mrm120707;5363057]No. He has never hit me. It's his attitude. Most of the time everything is great, but one little thing can make him upset. Then it's like he is mad at the whole world.[/QUOTE]

My son and I moved in with him back in December. I switched my son's school and everything. I'm so torn on what to do. Moat of the time he makes me so happy, but when he gets mad he is mad at everyone and everything.
You are backing away from your first letter. This happens a lot. If he makes you so happy "most of the time", then you would not be so concerned at an occasional mood. From what you originally said, this is not the case. Walking on eggs is not a normal healthy way to be in a relationship. Decide how you want to be treated, and how you want your son to see this as well. Sera
I imagine you were hoping people would suggest ways to deal with your boyfriend that would top is bad behavior, not just tell you to leave him.

The trouble is, when you're dealing with someone with a severe personality trait like this, there is nothing you - the victim - can do about it. You can't make him change, the most you can do is keep taking it and walking on eggshells.

My suggestion would be to read as much as you can about personality disorders and see if any fit him. If it's a personality disorder, the only option is to leave. If it's not, [B]he[/B]'s going to have to want to change, and for that he'll need counseling. Are you in any position to say that if he doesn't get counseling for his behavior, you'll leave?

Seraph has a good point, your son is also being subjected to this and that's a terrible example for him. The school year is almost over, it won't be too drastic to change schools again over the summer.
look up borderline personality disorder, and that should be enough to get you away from him.......
It could be an anger management issue. You might want to check in that. You might have to say goodbye if he's unwilling to try to get help.

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