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Hello, I'm brand new to this website. I've never posted before but when I saw your post I felt compelled to share with you my story. I have an ex husband that I married knowing he was cheating on me but I wanted to try and make it work for our son. I can tell you that this was the worse mistake I ever made. Staying with him did not change him. It also made me feel worthless, like I was not good enough for him. The arguments started and then they became worse each time and our son didn't even have to see the arguments to know that something wasn't right. It was causing our son to be mentally unhealthy. This is my opinion but staying with someone knowing he's not going to stop plus to stay with him because of the child you have together is not the path you want to go down. It would be more unhealthy for you and your child to stay in a situation like this. Ask yourself this question, can I handle him sleeping around on me continuously? What if you contract an STD? Do I want to be with someone who wants more than one sex partner? What will our son see and learn from this situation if I do stay? Also, do I want to be with someone who thinks this way, which is clearly the opposite of how you think and feel. It will hurt letting someone you love go but it will hurt more if you stay. You deserve a man that will love and treat you the way you want to be loved and treated. I finally left my ex and I found a man that is truly my best friend and adores my son. My son had to go through counseling and still does bc of what happened. His father has yet to settle down with one woman. My sons father is still in our son's life but we both are now better parents to our child. My son is happy now and loves his father still but he loves his stepfather as well. When he was 15 he told me that he was glad that I left his father bc it hurt him to see what I went through. It also confused the heck out of him bc he questioned if this is how families and moms and dads really lived. If I would have stayed there is no telling what would have happened with my son. I realize now the decision I made affected not me bc I will be fine I will get over it but the one who's truly affected by my decisions is and was my child. Good luck with whatever decision you make. I hope my story helps you. I will keep you in my thoughts.

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