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My boyfriend is an avid golfer. He loves golf. But when the weather is nice he prefers to spend all of his spare time golfing. I don't mind that he has a hobby he is very passionate about, but it's beginning to affect our relationship.

He works all day and then most days he goes and golfs after to work until about dark. Then he comes home and is worn out from working and golf and goes to bed an hour or so after coming home. Same thing on the weekends. He will golf all day long Saturday and Sunday. Usually coming home when it's dark. Occasionally I will go out with him but I do not know how to play and I've asked him many times if he would show me how.

I feel like golf is #1 on list and not me/us. I have presented this to him numerous times. It usually starts a fight and we both end up frustrated. I would never tell him he cannot do something that he loves doing. All I'm asking for is some time for us every once in a while. His defense is "if you ask me to do something I will always go do it with you." But why do I always have to be the one the to make the plans? He's basically saying he will "schedule" time with me around his golf schedule.

I feel frustrated and ready to give up. I don't know what to say or do to make him understand how I feel. Am I over reacting or should I just give up and move on?

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