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How old is your boyfriend and how long have you been dating? If this is a new relationship, and the gift is expensive, than its probably not appropriate. BUT ignoring your birthday isnt appropriate either.

Your boyfriend better do something to acknowledge your birthday! Maybe he has a backup plan? Dinner out? A night together which is just you and him? If he doesnt have a backup plan, you have every right not to talk to him...but if that is the case, maybe you need a better boyfriend!

Sometimes, gifts arent what is important, but the emotion behind someone;s actions are. Ive been married for ten years. We are not in a financial place where we can buy each other expensive presents this year. For my husband's birthday, I took him to a park, where we had a picnic with gourmet food- and watched an outside concert. The whole thing cost me about 40$ and we had a night to remember forever!

Think about the overall quality of this relationship. Only you know if he gives you something which makes up for spending money on you. Relationships are more than just tangible gifts...


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