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I'm the one that needs to grow up? He's controlling. I can't talk to guys or have ANY kind of guy friends. I went to the library the other day and he questioned that I went there! At the library for god sake. He was like, "Why would you go somewhere without me." He expects me to want to hangout with him ALL of the time. In my opinion, married people are still individuals. We still could use away time from each other, even just two hours a day. He questions what I wear too, even though I don't even wear anything revealing. But if just a tiny bit of cleavage shows, he gets mad. And if a guy even dare look my way, he complains about it for hours. I don't care if other women check him out. Know why? Because I get to go home to him. I don't care if he checks other women out, because of the same reason. But if I even look at another male or in the direction, he accuses me of being attracted to them.

He also has these little "jokes." If I am on social media, he'll be like, "oh, talking to your to your other boyfriend?" I don't see how I am the one that needs to grow up. The way he's acting, he is the one that needs to grow up. I can't fix his insecurities, I've tried. No matter how many times I reassure him, he won't listen. And that's off putting itself.

I had my fair share of insecurities, but I got over them. Because life is too short to be jealous over someone. I don't get mad if he looks in a way to another woman. I don't get mad if he even talks to another woman. It's he who gets mad. It's no wonder I feel like I got married too young. It was like, when we got married, he expected me to go blind and lose my social life. Heck, when we were both in college, I was helping a friend out with his statistics homework, with my other female friend in there, so no, we weren't alone. And my husband comes barging in and is mad over it.

I've tried telling him all of this, but it doesn't fix anything. My husband is the one that needs to grow up and realize I can't avoid guys my whole life. I used to work at walmart, and he wanted me not to speak to them. How the hell was I supposed to do that? I had a relationship just like this in high school. You know where that ended? With me against a wall about to get my face punched in. I've also told him this. He says he would never hurt me, he just doesn't trust the guys out there. They're apparently all scum and every single one of them wants to sleep with me, that's what he thinks.

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