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Hi Way,

Clearly you know what rejection is like. In fact you know it so well and are so comfortable with it you don't tell anyone off that makes those insulting comments, or leave them behind. You carry their perspectives around like a badge of honor. You have made their perspective your own.

I guess it must be true; every other single person in the world is exactly like your rejecting and insulting family. You are ugly and balding but want only a perfectly good looking woman that needs and wants nothing from you. Just like your family wants nothing from you.

I am just reflecting what you have written.

You don't appreciate females for who we are...look at your comments about aging, as if that makes us less in the know. Actually aging usually makes people more in the know. Have you heard the saying, 'there is nothing new under the sun'? It is a fact. Rejecting parents create rejected and rejecting children.

Someday you might learn to stop insulting other people's intelligence. You write as if you are the only one that understands rejection or why it happens. If you have a shallow point of view based only on your own experience, then you cannot see beyond your own nose. That in itself is very unattractive.

The saddest part of this is that you cannot see how shallow your own viewpoint is, wanting something from females while offering nothing they want in return.

Many unattractive guys get very attractive looking females because they do offer financial security; so they marry and are happy, each getting something important to them. Females can get pregnant and have babies to care for, so of course we care about finances. It is very difficult to get a big career or have a big inheritance so a man doesn't have to have to offer anything to a woman.

Looks only gets a man so far, maybe in the door, but if that's all he has to offer he is severely lacking. Wanting a female to be self-sufficient so you don't have to offer anything at all is a self-centered perspective.

Yet you try to meet pretty ladies before they can even see what you look like, then blame them for being turned off. If you look at reality, the only unattractive guys that get gorgeous females are those guys with a lot of money and/or property. This is reality. And you want to offer ladies nothing they want and wonder why you can't attract one.

Everyone has to develop and offer a redeeming quality to attract a mate, even if it's only financial security. There is nothing wrong with offering or desiring financial security. But it seems you want full acceptance and offer nothing a woman that you find attractive wants.

You can reject your family of origin flaw that esteems looks higher than anything else and move on with your life. Whether you do that is up to you. There is no reason to blame others for focusing only on looks until you stop doing that to others and to yourself.

Nothing will change for you until you change your own mindset. Clearly none of us can do it for you.

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