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Hey guys, I'm probably gonna come across as the psycho crazy girlfriend, but I just need some help. So me and my boyfriend have been together just short of a year and he is a an amazing guy, really funny, caring, sweet etc. However I don't know what it is, but every time he says he's off out with his friends I feel really anxious and really annoyed? I understand fully that relationships need space and time away with friends and believe me it's not like I want to feel this way at all. Also he is a very occasional recreational drug user, I used to do them all quite heavily and stopped about a year ago because they didn't agree with my anxiety. He knows I don't really like him doing drugs but because it's not like something he does every week or every month I don't think he views it as a major issue. It's strange because when we first started dating he did drugs and I didn't really care, I wasn't bothered, but then this year I had a really bad bout of relationship focused anxiety which he helped me through and supported me with, and it's left me pretty insecure about the whole issue. I do have a good social life myself and a lot of my friends still do drugs, it's just I find them quite boring and childish now. I want my boyfriend to go out and have fun, as long as obviously he isn't abusing them or whatever, but I can't stop getting pangs of jealousy and feeling moody whenever he goes out. I really need some advice :(

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