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There is this shy guy I was interested in, and I told his best friend and he talked to him and reported back to me that the guy seemed very interested and even smiled when he inquired about me. He also said that I was the only girl in our school that he didn't reject immediately (he is very attractive and hard to get; he also has a thing about not hooking up with girls from his school). I also recently learned that he told his friends that he wanted to hook up with me LAST YEAR. Anyway, I was really excited, but started to realize that he was sort of avoiding the subject whenever his friend brought me up. I could tell that he was really shy and nervous, and that the whole thing was kind of weird because we had never spoken to each other before. I was (and still am) really nervous around this guy, so I could never bring myself to talk to him. His friend invited me to a party that they would both be at and when I got there I chickened out and could not talk to him. IT WAS SO AWKARD! Omg. I did not realize how weird that would be. All of his friends were getting on his case about hooking up with me and he finally said that he would the next night (it was friday as of now). When I was leaving, he said bye to me in a really flirty way and smiled and looked at my lips and I got all giddy and couldn't speak. I don't know why I am so nervous around him. Anyway, the next night came and he told all of his friends he was going and then last minute said he was tired and BAILED. I was so ******.
I thought he rejected me and in a burst of anger, I told all of his friends that I was done trying with him because clearly it was not going to happen. I know his friends gave him **** for not getting with me. During school, his friends were coming up and saying stuff about it and making excuses for him. One even asked me if I was still mad at the guy, weeks after this whole thing happened. Idk. Anyway, this whole thing made it so awkward between us. Before friday night, I could tell that he was 100% interested, like it was so clear. He was around all the time. I didn't even notice him half the time until after the period ended, but he seemed to always just watch me from afar. He also stared into my eyes every time he left a room we were both in and when passing by me in the hall. I also noticed that he would kind of change his behavior around me. So all around, good signs. But after he didn't come to the party, it was so awkward between us. We couldn't make eye contact. I was walking with this other guy and I saw the guy I liked check us out three times in a row when he saw us walk in the room.
Overall, he was very different after this awkward party scene. I understand why he bailed now because there was too much pressure and it was awkward because he didn't know me and he was inexperienced and wasn't sure what was expected of him. I'm not mad about it, I just want another chance. I thought things were getting better, because I would catch him looking at me while talking to someone if I was talking to someone else and he would be smilng and I thought we were making progress: he was looking at me but not holding eye contact. Baby steps. BUT! Recently, it seems as if he is full on AVOIDING me. I have no idea why! Today, I was passing him in the hall and he literally just stared down at his phone and smiled down at it while like examining it the entire time he was passing me by. So weird. What changed?
Now it's like he can't even be in the same room as me. Today I was with a group of people and he was with two of his friends and they all walked into the room, but I guess he saw me and he fled--like he speed walked out of that room so fast. Both of his friends came over and he just darted out of there. I am so confused because I don't know how shy guys' minds work, and this is just weird because I feel like he thinks I hate him or he is intimidated by me because I look at him sometimes. Idk. Please help! I really don't get why he's avoiding me now! Does he like me and is afraid or does he just not want to be around me? His friends used to bring him up in conversation a lot, but recently haven't done so. I want this to work so bad, so please any advice or opinions would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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