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I met this man on a dating site in 2011. The minute I pulled up, got out of my vehicle and looked at him, I fell in love. I've never been in love before this man. The first year of dating, weather it was dinner, a movie, just sitting around, whatever we did I had to hear about his ex-wife every time. He even showed me pictures of his ex's new husband, and asked me if I would leave him for his ex's new husband. It killed me each and every date, but I was in love with him, so I stayed and listened. Going into the 2nd year he asked me to leave my house and move closer to him so we could see each other more often. 4 days after he drove the uhaul for me to my new place he dumped me and moved in with another woman. I moved back to my old city once my lease was up, but he was coming and seeing me the whole time he lived with this other woman. He told me he was stuck in a lease with this woman and if I loved him then I would wait and be patient. So again I wait another year, while all along he was seeing me, and telling me that him and this lady were not together that they just needed to get through the lease. He then went to his parents telling them that this live in girlfriend of his was cheating on him and many other things. So his parents bought a house, and let him pay the mortgage because he didn't have the credit. So 6 months go by and finally I move in with him. Just to find out that our electric bill at the house was in this ex's name. I moved out. I got myself an apartment, and he begged me to give him another chance, and because I loved him so much I did. Then just like 3 weeks ago I find out that again he has kept secrets from me and lied to me. I found out that he had a loan out in his name for a 2002 GMC Envoy, that this same ex has been driving, while iny boyfriends name, and I think he was making the payments, while all along I was still paying for my own apartment and our house that I thought we were working on. When I confronted him he finally admitted to it and said he lied because he was afraid that I would leave him again, as I did when I found out about the electric bill. So again I took all my stuff and went back to my apartment. He then admitted that the week we were apart that he was stalking me at my apartment. So finally I sent a text to him and attached his parents to the text telling them to please not hate me and told them what he did. They were dumb founded. Now my ex is texting me saying that I'm the cold hearted one, and that I destroyed him as a man. Also going to the extent and telling me that I am dead to him now. I'm completely heart broken. I feel like I'm dead inside, and I don't know what to do day to day. It's even hard to get up and go to work everyday. Was I wrong for letting his parents know the truth?? Thank you

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