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Long story short, my boyfriend got offered a job in the mountains.. He will be working there a month and come back a week and leave for a month and so on.. I got really sad that he left because I dont know what to do without him.

I thought we would at least be abe to communicate by phone but we just found out there is no signal where he is working at in a mine.. so we cant talk or send messaged. He left yesterday and Im already driving myself crazy.. Im scared that it might not work out, I tried to find tips online and they all say to have communication open and talk almost everyday but in my case I cant do that -.-

I really miss him and love him but I cant stand the fact that I cant talk to him or see him and wait for a month to see him.. since he has a kid and a mom I know he will also want to spend time with them when he comes and visits so I wont see him the whole complete week..

I dont know what to do.. I cant really go out with friends because they all study in the afternoon and I have no family here so I cant visit family.. what is your advice? Please help :(
Hey girl,

I have been in your shoes. I am right now. Unfortunately, work is work and we have to deal with that sometimes in relationships. That is so unfortunate that you cannot communicate during his time away. I'm sure he is feeling pretty down about that, also. :(

I would just see how it goes, talk everything over when he returns. How long will he be on this job? Some women/men cannot handle long distance relationships - you will just have to let this run its course and see how you feel.

I try and keep myself really busy while my boyfriend is away. Shopping, cleaning/organizing our house, reading, computer, friends, work, etc.
And, after all, you know what they say.. distance makes the heart grow fonder. I love the excitement it brings when my man is coming home for the few days in-between!

I wish you luck xo

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