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My bf and I have been together almost 3 years the next step was to move in together. He’s not talking to me and claiming its over because of an incident that happened at his daughter’s after wedding. It was late and everyone had left only people staying at the rental house remained which were a couple of the daughter’s friends and her mom (boyfriends ex) w/her family. I told my bf several times to stop drinking but one of the kids offered him vodka and then offered me some. He got drunk so did I. I wanted to leave, it was late & he didnt he wanted to stay talking to the daughter mom his ex (they’ve been separated for years) . I got upset & yelled at him we got into a huge fight he kicked me out of that house with everyone still inside. I was in tears asking him to please lets go & open the door. An hour later they told my bf we both had to leave. The next day we talked about the situation, we continued our relationship. The daughter found out about the incident & was not talking to my boyfriend for 2 months finally he went to see her (she lives 2 hrs away) and they cleared things up. I haven’t apologized I pretty much thought since he apologized then we are all fine…wrong! My boyfriend throws it at my face tht I should have apologized and I just feel so ashamedI don’t know what to say to her. Its been 3 months since this happened and daughter is now talking crap and negative things about me because she expects an apology and is now mad at her dad and not talking to him so my boyfriend is telling me that we need to break it off because his daughter comes first. That he loves me but he doesn’t see how it will work. He told me to send the letter & hope for a miracle. I don’t know if I should just walk away from the relationship. I feel his daughter has too much control and shouldn’t dictate to her dad who can see or not. I don’t know if I should write the apology letter and if I do I feel she’s still not going to forgive me and think im doing it because the dad told me too. I’m so stressed and I don’t want to lose him over this

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