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I think that if it were me, and I was invested in the relationship I had with my boyfriend, and I knew that what I did was wrong, even if it was months ago, then I WOULD write an apology note. The fact that it doesn't feel right that your boyfriend's daughter has so much control over him is not the issue right now. The issue is, in my opinion, that you behaved badly and you now have to choose between your boyfriend and your pride. If your boyfriend is worth it, just write the note. You don't have to beg,
but just tell her you are sorry and that you hope the relationship can be repaired.
Best wishes.[/QUOTE]

These were my thoughts too. I would also like to add a couple thoughts.

I found out when I was young that I am not pleasant to be around when I drink too much, so I stopped drinking beyond a slight social buzz.

My other thought is that if my boyfriend/girlfriend has children, it tends to be a tricky situation no matter their age. Perhaps that is another reason to abstain from too much alcohol when around them. It is easier to walk a tight-rope when we can walk in a straight line.

No offense or judgment meant by either of my thoughts. I am just trying to share what I've learned so that others may not have to figure it out the hard way like I did.

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