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Me and my boyfriend have been together 2 years. We have had our ups and downs, but overall I'd say we are doing pretty good right now. He is the most loyal, caring, good-hearted guy I have met. We get along really well for the most part. The problem lies in that I have become irritated with him alot of the time, even for little things he does. I am also very critical with him about the things he does eg when he drinks, goes out to the club, doesn't save enough money, how and with who he wants to spend time etc. And its not like he over drinks or over spends or does anything bad so my criticism is pretty unfounded. I have also recently become extremely jealous of him when he goes out to the bar or club with his friends and over worry that he will cheat - even though he has NEVER done anything to make me concerned. I never used to be so controlling and crazy and even though I am trying to relax and let go I CANT. I dont understand why I am being so angry and irritated... Does anybody have any ideas or has gone through the same thing?? Please help

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