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Abusive boyfriend
Mar 29, 2016
Hello- I am new to this but I really need some advice. My boyfriend of almost a year is getting increasingly aggressive both verbally and physically. He has shown signs of jealousy and paranoia which are getting worse and worse. Currently he reads all of my texts and emails, screens my calls, has a GPS phone tracker on me, and checks up on where I am constantly. Yesterday I went from my studio (which I jointly own with him) to a nearby Panera. He called me the moment I left the studio and left work to "come clean the studio before class". The phone tracker works both ways so I can see where he is too, he came and sat outside the Panera while I was there.

He also has a bad habit of taking his anger out on me, even if the cause is not my fault. If he has a bad day at work he will find a small thing that I did wrong (not include him enough in class/ pay too much/ not enough attention to him etc) and start yelling at me. He has broken up with me in every fight we have had, then physically stopped me from leaving the house. The last big fight we had was over the smallest, most stupid thing. I went to a store on the NE side of town to pick up a prescription and groceries, I had told him this when he asked what I was planning on doing this day. I had planned to go to the doctor but I went to the pharmacy first and they told me that the prescription I needed couldn't be refilled for 5 more days, but they had 2 outstanding ones I needed to pick up. I grabbed the prescriptions and some groceries (2 separate transactions) and put the pills in my pill case (12 pills each) When he questioned me on why I didn't go to the doctors office I explained that I couldn't refill the prescription for 5 more days and he demanded receipts.

I could only show him the grocery one because I threw the perscription one out with the pill cases. He accused me of lying, the fight escalated to him taking my keys and phone when I got home. He wouldn't allow me to leave,but was saying "get out of my house we're over!" I tried to side step him and go out the back but he kept pushing me into the wall and stopping me. He went as far as to text my friend who I was going to go stay with, from my phone, telling her I was ok and I wasn't going to come. I'm scared to talk to anyone or go to anyone about this because he is so paranoid that he will track me and my conversations. Please help

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