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I was engaged to my, now boyfriend. Things went so bad, I gave him back his ring. His mother was 95% of the reason why I did. She constantly stays in our relationship and even treats my children cold. The other day she went to far. There is a way to come into the house from the back door, so I tend to use that way, to avoid seeing her. So the other day, I came in from the back door, note, my boyfriend knew I was coming, I never just walk in. So I come in the house and I have to use the bathroom but my boyfriend is in there. So I'm talking to him through the door to tell him I have to use the bathroom. His mother appears out of nowhere and says, "what's going on? " so I'm confused cause I'm just telling my boyfriend I'm here and need to use the bathroom. So she starts saying things like, for now on you better use the front door, don't go to the back, you ain't family and you'll never be family. I was so hurt by her words. So I told her that I respect the fact that she doesn't want me to come to the back door but why did she have to say all of that about the family. So at that point, she tells me to get out her house and starts calling me ugly names, it just went so far. And I'm so bothered because my boyfriend sat there and allowed his mom to talk to me like that. She is a bully and she's not a nice person at all. I'm not the only person that thinks this because anyone who meets her always says the same exact thing. It seems that my boyfriend will not speak up to his mom, so I just don't want to be bother with any of them. I've never been so insulted in my life. She even said I was not a good mother and I did not love my children or his children. My daughter is graduating this year and my son is graduating from college. Although none of the words that she said was true, it's still hurt so badly and I'm still hurt today. SMH.

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