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Hi Steele,

The message seems pretty clear...she takes what she wants and isn't interested for whatever reason in giving much if anything back. Maybe you jumped in too fast before you really truly knew her and what she expects and wants for herself.

It seems you meant well, but her child isn't ready to accept parenting or even friendship from you at this stage. Maybe the child has been through temporary relationships too many times. Whatever the reason, extreme anger on your part was way out of place. That a child has an emotional outburst and your reaction was intense anger doesn't matter whether you spoke or acted on what you felt. Intense anger shows that your own emotions are far too dependent on what was simply childish behavior from a child.

This really is not about what she wants, it's about what you want to get from her that she is unwilling or unable to give. whichever it is doesn't matter. This isn't anything at all like a radio program...note that radio programs are impersonal, and they always end.

This is your life. Treat yourself well and take care of your own needs and emotions so you can attract a healthy fulfilled relationship, and you will attract women that do and offer the same.

You might want to try to discover why you are expecting this gal to look out for your needs and emotions. It is imperative that you give only what you can give without expectation. Regardless how much time you spend together or what you choose to do for her, there is no commitment.

Make a decision what you want for yourself and leave people alone that aren't offering it.

Respect yourself and use your time and energy finding a woman both willing and able to give toward you. This usually doesn't fall in our laps. We have to wait for it.

You deserve this. :)

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