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Sharing lives is very hard. I lived alone in an apartment for 4 years before my boyfriend moved in. It was a major adjustment for me. We eventually got married and divorced (after 13 years of marriage). I did get used to living with him. We had boundaries. Certain things he liked to do that I didn't - he did alone or with friends. Same with me. I like to read in a quiet room alone, and he respected that. You need to find what works for both of you.

I'm in my second relationship now and my bf lives with me in my house. He is more clingy than my ex-husband. He wants to be in the same room with me all the time. I don't like this at all. I need my space. I'm trying things to see what works. Experimenting. If I can't get comfortable with the situation, he's going to have to go. I know I can live alone and be very comfortable by myself. Find what works best for you, and do it.

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