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quick note: we have been together for about 3 years
whenever me and my boyfriend fight, i always get really mad and start yelling in his face. i think i might be a bit too controlling as well, im not comfortable with him going into sexual roleplays with other people, i blew up in his face when he got on twitter instead of talking to me (part of me feels like i shouldve gotten mad bc we hadnt talked in about a week) and there are a few others but i wont list them. i often overreact too and i just cant control my feelings, its very hard for me. whenever he tries to show me things im usually uninterested them, which makes my boyfriend kind of frustrated with me. i (apparently) dont seem to be very empathetic either (but i have add/adhd inattentive type and people with adhd arent very empathetic, so its probably just that but still). does that make me a bad boyfriend?

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