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Thank you everyone for the responses. I do feel better about the situation. Back when my husband and I were engaged (we have been married for over 6 years now), he was friends with another couple that we hung out with. It was very obvious to me that the female friend was always flirting with my husband, and my husband truly never saw it and didn't think she was. It ended up getting to where I could not stand to be around her because I could definitely tell she was flirting and interested in my husband instead of hers. I told my husband either her or me, and he chose me and stopped being friends with them. He never truly believed me though that she was flirting, until a couple of years later when we ran into her husband, who was now her ex-husband. She had left him for another man who was also married. After we found out about that, my husband agreed that the times I thought she was flirting with him (it was VERY obvious to me--the way she would look at him, always asking him his opinions about things, smiling and laughing at everything he said,etc) that she probably really was.

I never thought much about the woman he currently works with, but after meeting her I felt something seemed a little odd. I was hoping I was reading too much into it(with the other situation about the friend from years ago in the back of my mind), which is why I posted on here. I want to believe my husband would never have an affair. It's just I know several people who thought their husband never would either, but ended up being shocked when they did. Affairs usually don't start with sex, they usually start with flattery and friendships, then turn into something more. Since my husband sometimes doesn't realize when he is being flirted with, I just want him to be aware of how some women can be nowadays. We have a toddler and I want us both to protect our family and our marriage.

What seemed strange was that this woman obviously really wanted to know what I looked like a few months ago by telling my husband she wanted to look me up on social media to see what I looked like. I do not have any social media pages, so I know she never saw any pics of me. Then the day I was there, she was in someone's office who knew I was in my husbands office, yet she didn't want to introduce herself and finally see what I looked like after wanting to know so bad. Plus, why did she even care about what I looked like? I work with lots of people and would never care to take the time to try to look up what their spouse looks like--that is weird.

Then I started thinking about the time we were sick, and her sending my husband the text about a work issue she was having (not related to my husband or anything he could help her with), while knowing he was home sick. My husband even thought that was weird/rude and didn't ever respond. That makes me think she must feel pretty comfortable with him, and have some sort of attachment to him to bother him with her issue while he is home sick?

So I definitely do not feel like I am being "high school", but that I have valid concerns. After talking with my husband about these concerns, I do feel better and know he is at least aware.

Thank you all for your opinions!!!

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