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Hello, i've been with my boyfriend for 3.5 years now. He is a very sweet and well rounded person. We just started a long distance relationship in August. I'm in a different state than him, for school and he is in another. He lacks urgency in all things really. I should say communication skills in general. When i lived with him i would have to be on him to do things all the time.

I'll be flying out to see him in December. I am bringing our dog back with me. He knows that she needs to be vaccinated and paper work. He keeps putting it off. He also has some of my mail that i need. He was supposed to send it a week ago; and still hasn't. He also said he was going to sell one of our cars; and send some of the money. I think it's going to be a few months before that one happens. These are just a few examples. In the communication area, he takes a while to text back. He doesn't like texting in general, or phone calls, etc. I know it seems that i am putting him in a bad light. These are his worst qualities. Other than that he really is a lovely person in all aspects. I'm just starting to feel frustrated. When he texts or asks me to do something, i drop everything to do it or message him back. Is it too much to expect the same? How should i go about telling him how i feel?

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