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He doesn't like you. That's the reason he's concerned about the money. He's irritated he spent money on someone when he knew right away it wasn't going anywhere. If he liked you, paying wouldn't have mattered, or it wouldn't have mattered so much for him to cause a change of heart away from his "future wife". BS. He told you as much anyway, when he said the real issue was the chemistry.

Why texting you 9 days later? Who knows. Has your chaperone/mutual friend been pressuring him? Will you see him around at cultural events? Is he sending a message that friends with benefits would be okay (if you make sure to appreciate him) but there is no long term chemistry, so don't get your hopes up? Who knows.

This is getting embarrassing now for both of you, it's dragged on too long.

Not that this really matters - I also find it weird that your friend came on your first date.

Take this as a learning experience and move on. Next time don't build a fantasy about someone until you at least meet them, and especially don't contemplate marriage and children with someone you've known for a week and a half. That is insane (perhaps it may work for less than .05% of people, but rarely will you or anyone else be the exception to the rule). You don't sound insane, just desperate and too emotionally invested. Have you had much experience with relationships? It sounds like you have a teenage-mindset around them...immature and romanticized. Any sane normal person in their right mind would run away from a person who wants to commit their life, finances, etc to them within 2 weeks and want them to do the same. You may want to do some self reflection or get some therapy around why this is okay with you.

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