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[QUOTE=MSNik;5447653]Tell your son to stay away from her, to walk the other way as she advances on him and to ignore every attempt to get his attention.
If this is a game to his ex best friend, they will tire of it once they realize it cannot bother him
Your son appears to be well adjusted and this is typical Freshman crazieness! Dont let this bother you...your own insecurities about this will upset your son. The further he stays away from this crowd the sooner they will get bored and move on. Your being upset about this will affect your do the right thing as his mum and steer clear of all of it!
Good luck![/QUOTE]

Thanks for the response. The thing is, I had been steering my son away from her because of the way she was acting before I heard anything about the ex best friend. He has never given her much attention. He sits with three different girls at lunch he likes, by switching tables, and none of them are this girl's table. So if they are playing games, I think at this point they look silly. And I'll definitely take your advice and not make a big thing of it. I simply told him not to give her much attention because it's weird she's dating the ex friend. I don't know what the deal is, but because it's just strange, I told him to steer clear.


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