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Tell me if it's right or wrong for my boyfriend that I've been in relationship for over 8 yrs and even helping him raise his 2 youngest child of a previous relationship that their mother can't or won't be in their lives, but he keeps calling and texting and saying sexually things to my adult daughter. She isn't innocent either cause when he talks or true touch her she first was okay with it and now for the last 3 yrs she has been acting like a mother and wife to her own family and he just want stop so what advice can anyone give me cause I have a couple twice walk away but where it's been 8 and almost 9 yrs it just about kills me cause that makes me feel I'm walking out on my own children and family cause they are just like my own. I have also thought about going to see a personal therapist and just see what they think but pls help.
I used to have a wonderful relationship with him until he cheated on me with a friend of mine well so called cause we not now and I left but I forgave him and came back and now cause my 25 yr daughter dress like a teenager and do stuff when he firlt that made it worse I feel cause he flirts with some of my friends that are ladies but they don't take him serious or act on it like my daughter was doing but now she doesn't and wants him stop so what should I do with this whole situation walk away from a 8 to 9 yrs of relationship and my daughter or just sit back and see what happens cause she keeps telling him back off of her but he does for a day or two then he back started again.
I just wonder if it has anything to do way he is acting with her cause what has happened to her in her past. I just don't know.
I know I do and guess will always love him but I definitely know that I will always love his family 2.
My blood granddaughter that is o my 15 months loves him to death and she always wants go see him ANF I just don't know
Please help and please no bad names or anything like that cause I'm just trying help with my situation and only want ppl that is really to help me with it and give me good advice

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