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Okay, this is something that truly bothers me very much.
My boyfriend has wondering eyes and it's obvious and I don't think he realizes that I have noticed it. He loves asses and that is something he really likes on a chick, I know it's normal to look at other people when you are in a relationship because people will find other people attractive whether they are in a relationship or not, it is just something people do. But when I say something about him looking at another girls *** he lies about it, even though I saw him do it. Even knowing it's a normal thing to look at other people who have a feature someone may like on a person because humans have a normal attraction to people who are attractive, but it actually really bothers me when he does it. We actually work at the same place together but we don't really see one another while we are working, and that is because he works in a different part of the factory then I do..but there are times where I can see him and he doesn't know that I can see what he is doing sometimes. So there is this girl that we work with and she has a pretty big *** and I think to myself if he has looked at her *** before I started working there together. He gets upset and angry when I ask him if he does or something that involves looking at other women. But I know for a fact that I have caught him looking at her *** often and I want to say something but I never know how to approach him about it, because I don't want him getting all pissy about it. Ugh. But now it ******* suck that he now sort of has to work with her because their jobs are similar. He makes parts for her and she tends to go over by him to talk to our supervisor about something and the other day when that was happening I could see all of them other be one another wondering if he was going to take a look at her *** when she is near by, and I'm pretty sure I saw him take a look at her *** when she was over be him...I hate that their jobs make them have to talk or even have to go near one another... and when she goes to talk to someone that makes her have her back turned towards him so her *** is in his sights...and I know one time he came to talk to me and what not, she was by me talking to someone I use to work with, he looked right behind me and looked at her, and I know I'm not stupid...I know what he looked at..and I said something about it and he got mad at me...and denied it so he doesn't look like he is the bad guy..he isn't a bad guy, but I ABSOLUTELY hate being lied to. Can't STAND IT AT ALL. What do I do...should I say something again...because it really bothers me....

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