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Hey there,

Sorry to hear you're being lied to :( Can you maybe approach this in a different manner? The whole "look but don't touch" rule is pretty much relevant in most relationships I would assume, but busting his guts about it is only going to make him resentful and create an unhealthy cycle of lies in your relationship.

Can you perhaps say to him, you know he looks at other women, and you don't mind as it's only natural after all, but can he perhaps make it a little less obvious especially when you're mid conversation with him and his eyes wander off to check someone out?

I have been with my husband for 17yrs this year and this has always worked for us. I was very insecure at the start of our relationship and it caused all sorts of issues but now we're at the point where we verbalise what we're checking out to one another, or even tell the other to check someone out hahaha.

It's only natural ;)

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