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I have been with my girlfriend for about 7 months now I am 24 and she is 22. I was a player for a while and hooked up with a lot of women. That all changed when i met a certain girl. I had her over we hung out and hooked up, it felt different but i told her that werent exclusive and i wasnt looking for a relationship. Two days later, i hooked up with a different girl which made me realize i liked the other girl more than normal. After that, i became exclusive but didnt tell her that. that went on for about a month when she said "we either become a thing or im gone". So i asked her out and there we were. a few weeks in she asks "was i the only one you were sleeping with was there any interlap". I said no which was a lie i regret now. But i knew if i said yes, it would.have been over. a month later she asks again and i tell her the truth. She is hesrtbroken and tells me to get tested. i wait a while which pisses her off but i get tested and I am clean.

fast forward to now, we were talking about our first date and she mentioned "yea rhen you ****** so and so" i was like seriously? we are going to bring that up? thats the past i have apologized for. I fall asleep cuddling her. Wake.up to her ****** thinking about it. Saying "it hurts so bad i dont know if i can get past this" "you will.never change and will always be capable of that". She is hurt i lied, i have apologized and explained its before we were ever together but she says its a clash of moral. No i feel like she might break up.with me over this.

We are supposed to move in together tomorrow and she says im the love of her life but in my opinion if you can't forgive and move on, than that is not the case.

Am.i wrong in my thinking? What should i do? I have told her i regret lying. She also says i wish i would have been straight forward and she says she would have called it then and there. I told her, well if that would have happened we wouldnt have had any ofnthe great times we have had all the laughs would.never have occurred is that something you would have preferred? she ignores this question and says that is a different subject. I dont think so.

I am.loyal to her and have never cheated. despite girld constantly trying to tell her who i was from the past and destroy us. help

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