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Let me introduce myself first, my name is Hailey and I'm 20 years old. I just recently got out of a 3 year relationship (ended it with him @ end of June) with my child's father due to being unhappy and constant fighting, emotional abuse. Now, the kicker is, there's this kid (well, he's 26) at my work who totally blew me away. I've always had an attraction for him for awhile. (Maybe since January, that's about when we started talking) We've always talked as friends and he told me some crazy stuff. He got out of a 10 year relationship(ended relationship September 2016) due to his girlfriend CHEATING on him. Since I've been single, I've been hanging out with him weekly. He has told me he's not ready for a relationship but shows a lot of interest in me in a few diff ways. The next few things I'm going to tell you I'm going to paraphrase just because there's a lot but I'll be listing the main important things that are sort of confusing me.

So the first time we hung out was on his birthday which was on a Saturday, he was drunk. Yes I know, bad choice but it was his bday and I was dying to hangout with him and he was off work all week so we hung out. We didn't do anything besides cuddle anyway.

Second time we hung out was that following Tuesday. He picked me up and we went to his house, watched some movies and cuddled and had sex. I slept over and he bought me coffee in the morning and after he dropped me off he said he really enjoyed hanging out and would like to do it again. Been texting each other daily and snapchatting. I told him I really liked him and he basically said "I'm just not ready to be in a relationship I like being free" and he's also told me "please don't trap me". He has been very very honest with me to begin with and I'm thankful for it. I told him I don't mind him talking to other girls because he is single but to hook up with others and me, that would be grimey and he feels the same. Is that even considered fwb or more?
He had also told me that because I have a baby he may never want a relationship with me and my first instinct was "run AWAY" but I posted a picture about how dating a single mom doesn't mean your being DAD and just basically saying I bust my *** for my child and that that's attractive and I don't need a man to pay for my child. And he saw the picture and told me that the picture made him feel some type of way. "Some type of way" ? Regret about saying he wouldn't date me? I have no idea and don't expect anyone else to know either but it did affect him. He also told me "when you were with -------- you were flirting with me" and I admitted to him that yes, I did flirt with him while with my ex but I was unhappy and it was wrong I know. He said "what happens if we were together and you run off to someone else" which I wont. I've been loyal to him even though we're single!!! he's told me he's reaaallly feeling me but his "wall"(I 100% think he means trust) to let people in is very high.

so anyways the next thing is, the following week which was last week - we hung out again. He picked me up earlier than he did the last time. We smoked and watched a movie, laughed our butts off and made funny jokes to one another & whenever we looked at each other we'd say "staring problem?" You know - the cute stuff. We cuddled all night and yes sex. In the morning, he made me some coffee and He showed me some picture on ******** (a meme, per say) of this girls ******** messenger with 10 dudes nicknamed "baby" and at first he was hesitant. He said "I didn't want you to get mad if I showed you" and then he showed me and my instant reaction was to show him my ******** messages so I did. I said "there's no guys I talk to like I do with u" and he showed me his messenger and there were no females only me and a few of his guy friends. That's really odd isn't it? Who would show a picture like that to someone he didn't care about? we went for a drive after and he bought me breakfast. He dropped me off close to noon because he had a doctors appt and again, he said "I always have fun chilling with you. Maybe we can chill after work one day but I'm down Tuesday for sure". I'm starting to think that yes, he's not ready for a relationship but he is starting to feel something for me. Slowly ofcourse. Wednesday's are his only days off from work btw! And he always wants to see me. I think he is scared to get hurt again and that trust is going to be huge in our relationship. Meaning that it's going to take time. I just don't know what to do....... does anyone else see that he's showing interest in me? Or am I just blind ? I enjoy being around him and he enjoys being with me, he's just not ready and idk if I should run or wait it out. He told me today he doesn't want to "lead me on" but has also told me he loves what we have going on right now and doesn't want to ruin it. I told him to just stay honest no matter what.... but idk what to do anymore. He wants to see me Tuesday and I'm for it but I don't think I'm going to have sex with him. Even though I want to, I'm just not sure what the situation is. One minute he's all for me and other times it's no. I'm not pressuring him into a relationship just want him to know that I like him!
I think he's confused on what he wants to....

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