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So, in reality, I really just want to vent about this because I have no one really to go to and my friends really never want to listen to me when I talk about relationship stuff. It's almost always like "you're not missing out" or "don't care about that stuff". Which really wouldn't bother me so much if it just wasn't the case for so long.

A word of warning this is kind of a long post and just looking for general advice.

My ex-girlfriend really did a number on my mental state to the point where I ended up overeating and gained quite a bit of low self-esteem. After a while, this kind of subsided and I began to feel better about myself. I am starting to lose weight and actually paying a lot of attention on making myself better. I decided to try and get myself back into the dating scene, but being almost 30, this seems impossible. Listen, if I was in a rush I would have spent the money a long time ago. But I am not, and it's not like I don't have the patience to wait either. Just it's weird I would have thought I would have matched with someone by now. I downloaded pretty much all the main apps and stuff, but nothing. I can go on bumble and literally swipe right with reckless abandonment and nothing. Not one, the people I match with on Tinder or either catfishing, prostitutes or baby-mama's just looking for a father. I have no problems with someone with kids though, but when I read a profile to find out we have literally nothing in common and that the conversation is just a flat lifeless back forth that goes nowhere, it doesn't seem to mean much and you're only talking to me because of other devices. I have gotten to a point where I really don't care but then at the same time, I do care about this.

I guess, I just want to know why my line of thinking is considered wrong by my friends. I don't mind meeting new people and making friends. But at the same time I just find it hard to believe that literally, no one wants to BE with me. It is kind of conflicting. Sorry for the wall of text it's just that is what I am thinking.

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