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Dear queen,

Believe me, he does NOT think you are making things up. He knows he is not that in to you, and he is such a jerk that he enjoys toying with you.

Obviously you don't like him the way he is (I wouldn't either). That behavior is not love and it is not even 'like'. He isn't even really your friend. Friends don't act like that. The man is a cad. Never ever tolerate that behavior...believe what you see and move on.

Don't stoop to his level; you deserve better than that. He clearly is a player (at least with you) and is keeping his options open. He has no loyalty or compassion for you. He toys with you because you let him. Just say no thanks, block him and move on, girlfriend. Even if he began going after you again, that would only be his ego trying to prove he can get's not love, don't fall for that.

When a guy doesn't cherish & protect you he is not worth your time or emotional input. Knowing someone only two and a half months is not a reason to believe he is a 'boyfriend' or even a friend. It takes longer than a few months to learn whether a person is a true friend or someone that just wants to use us. We need to learn this about others before we invest our emotions and time in them. A real friend consistently cares how his actions affect you, and will discuss problem issues in a caring way that does not push you didn't get any of that from that guy.


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