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[QUOTE=MSNik;5469225]Queen, I think you should really think about why you want this to work. So far you have told us he disrespects you in so many ways...and now you are basically saying he has no respect for himself.

You shouldn't be there. Whether you cause any trouble or not, if trouble comes, do you really want you name attached to this?

Do you love and respect yourself? If you arent sure, you need to find out. If you do love and respect yourself, then please start to spend time around people who show you love and respect in return. He doesnt like or respect anyone including himself from what you have told us.[/QUOTE]

Something else that bothers me too is his ex gf's grandfather randomly came over last Sunday. He was nice but it was awkward and I tried talking to him about it after he left. He won't budge on that either. He says he's a caring person and that her family cared about him and that they took his side when they broke up. She's a drama queen looking for ammunition. He says the guy came over because he wanted to see how he was doing. A year after him and his ex broke up..

He said he hasn't talked to anyone else in her family since we've been together. So how close are you really to them? Now I'll always worry about one of them stopping by. He told the grandfather he had a GF.

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