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I wanted to share my experience with you if it would help. I met a guy online last year who was very nice and had good character qualities that I was looking for. We met in October last year and I wanted to meet his family so I met them for Thanksgiving and Christmas and loved them. He was very encouraging and affectionate with me and we talked and texted a lot. Then in January he started getting serious about marriage and living together. I told him that I had to give my roommate 6 months before I would move out and he agreed. I then moved in in May of this year and the honeymoon period was disappearing. The affection and attentiveness was starting to fade and I voiced my concern. I felt like he had baited me and then switched on me. I realized that I am a pleaser and did all I could to make this relationship work. After 4 months I felt that his expectations of me were not what he wanted so I moved back with my roommate. It was a very difficult decisions and he was shocked that I moved out but it felt like we were a 20 year married couple and had nothing to say or do. It was very uncomfortable for me and he avoided any emotional or direct conversations about my concerns. So be careful. It takes a good year to really get to know someone or sooner.

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