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My Girlfriend recently got together, We connected Very Easily. I am BFF with her BFF. (off topic) She is turning 21 in December and plans to go to Tenessee for her 21 birthday with her Best Friend who happens to be an Ex and she was with him for 2 years (We'll call him Dale). Dale has like her since the 3rd grade and they broke up bc he cheated on her . All her friends are Exes bc she cant stand Gal Friends. I would understand bc most women are pretty dramatic but come on. Friends with ALL her exes... at first when i was courting her i thought she was weighing her options. I dont feel that way now bc i totally trust her.

Her brother tells me to watch out for Dale bc he has weasled his way into two relationships before when things became unsteady. She had sex with him when she thought one of her relationsips were over. It feels like he jumps right in when she is easy prey for him half the time when i think about the situations given. I Trust her COMPLETELY, but i dont trust his at ALL, let alone being alone with her. She is to accompany him on a trip to Tennessee her most Favourite state, and I can only assume to one of his family's Homes.

I dont trust this at all.... I dont know if im being a jealous boyfriend or not. But i dont like this situation, and i dont know how to tell her. I already told her it was fine, but she knew what I was thinking. In all honesty i think she would go no matter what bc they were planning it while she was single... and i can only bet on what Dale was thinking about when the plans were made. She says she can do whatever she wants and that im not her Parents but that I can always trust her. I do trust her a lot not him.... I need help on how to persuade her to not go, and i need to know if I should worry. PLEASE PLEASE Help.

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