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Okay so I went out with my boyfriend and his brother and his girlfriend last night to a pool bar and for some reason when we go out with them we end up fighting but maybe that's a coincidence. Anyway the night started bad for me at least we where walking to the bar but not even a mile away from the car my boyfriend looks at this little area and asked get "maybe we could have parked there?" I look over and say hmm no I don't think so. So I get closer to see if maybe we could have and I say "yeah no I don't think so we would probably have to ... Pay..." I look back and he was already a half a mile away following his bro and his bros girlfriend. Pretty hurt I started walking towards the direction they were headed then finally he noticed I was pretty far behind and waited for me. Butt hurt I was like you left me behind and he said " I thought we where already walking." I tried to shrug it off he did apologize though and we made it to the pool bar. We got drinks and at this time we where waiting for a table and I had finished my first drink I waited and we went out side and back in I got another drink because this wait was super long and he ends up leaving me behind again. They had this punching bag machine in there and it made a loud noise so I looked over and they where already at the music machine it wasn't that far away but far enough to make me feel like they just left me there so I got upset and my stomach at this point was pretty messed up ( I was sick all week and I wasn't drunk I'm not at all a light weight) so I went up to my boyfriend and handed him my drink and said "I can't finish this and I'm kinda getting a little mad." I stood there for a bit and he asked "why?" And I simply said "Idk it just happens sometimes." ( I know I was suppressing my anger and me and drinking and anger are not a good thing so it was a good thing I stopped drinking) anyways I went to go sit down a little ways away from him because there was no seats next to him to calm down and to hopefully get my stomach to stop hurting so bad then seats cleared next to him so I moved next to him and he didn't even look at me he was just talking to his brother about me always taking my anger out on him. (I didn't feel like I was taking anything out on him I just gave him my drink and told him I was a little mad) but anyways I touched his arm and he said "get off of me." I looked at him and said "why are you mad?" And he just ignored me. For the rest of the night we didn't talk and I was practically not even there his brother would talk to me and I told him I didn't feel good and I wanted to go home I guess he told my boyfriend but I had no idea and at this point I just wanted to feel like he cared so I said "When we go out I would appreciate it if you wouldn't leave me out." And irritated he said "k" and walked away and I felt like he just didn't care so I kept to myself at the end of the night he walked with me out but as soon as we got out he went into the circle of people and his brother and left me out (when we go out they stand in this circle and I'm usually out of it or behind him or them like an out cast) so I leaned on the light pole because my stomach was still all messed up and Bam!!!! this girl comes out of no where and grabs my boyfriends face as if she's going to kiss him and tells him he's beautiful and hugs him and he hugged her and instinctively I went up to her while she was hugging him and said "hey could you not touch him." She walked away and didn't even look at me and furiously I turned to him and pushed him after that I went back to where I was and listen to them talk about what she had said and irritated I grabbed the keys from my boyfriend and walked to the car by myself and once I reached it I cried. I didn't leave him there and we talked about it and are fine now but I just wanted to know if anyone would act the same as I did because everyone there looked at me like I was crazy when really I only pushed him because he could have slapped her hands away or told her to get off of him like he did to me earlier that night. Was I being over reactive or over sensitive or maybe even both? Or is that how anyone would feel in that situation?

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