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Hi everyone i have been with this guy for 2 years.We are both 23 years old and very in love with each other.Everyone says to us that we inspirate them and we are a pefect couple with a perfect love.The problem is that this guy doesnt give me freedom to go out to drink something with my girlfriends (im talking about girls night).He says that now that we're together we can't go out at nights like this becouse the propouse of this is seeing other guys or flirting with others,or other man will offer me a drink and he is very jealous of thinking this stuff.Even of my birthday he hesitate to say yes honey go and have fun with your mom and your cousins( they are liberal and fun) HE SAID DONT GO THIS PLACE becouse there are alot of people and i dont like this place and i dont like that place etc etc.Even when i went with a friend for coffe he said he didnt like that type of coffe there are alot of people there.Even visiting a new place (going abroad) with my girflriends is STOPED. I can do this things only with him otherwise they are not allowed.I tried to talk with him but he is very stubborn and he is grown in a small place with small thoughts and not liberality.I sayed to him to stay with me you should change otherwise dont talk to me ever again.You know what he said? You are choosing going out and partying and traveling instead of having me.You are ready to loose me to go ans have fun you are so selfish.I really really love him.He really really loves me.When we are together we feel the happiest people in the world.And by the way about different issues recently (about 4 months) we broke up and get together manyyyy times and we are not having a longgg pace moment.Please i would very appreciate if you give some advice or a solution.Tell me what you think im here to listen all your words you have to say.Thank you very much for your time.

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