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So basically I've been with this girl for around 7 months, and everything apart from this issue is going well. My girlfriend does have quite a few guy friends, which I don't have a problem with, you know if you wanna be friends with the opposite sex, so what? But I mean, she play fights with one of them quite a lot, and they playfully insult each other a lot. Another guy friend wanted to try and get with her when I first started talking to her, but now they're 'friends'. And I just don't know if what I'm feeling is really stupid as it makes me feel jealous, because she does it right in front of me and it shocks me. Because if I had some girl friends, I wouldn't sit there and play fight in front of my girlfriend, I wouldn't play fight them period. I just need some advice on how to deal with this, because I've brought it up to her before, but she just gets really mad at me and says "do you not trust me?" and it gets no where.

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