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There you go, nori,

Admittedly you know that marriage is not always about being 'in love'. This is true in all cultures. Marriage many times is for blood lines, finances, societal prestige or other reasons. Those are widely accepted reasons for marriage.

The issue is you knew that he did not choose you over his parents' opinions and you still chose to be in the position of a secret side relationship.

Regardless the culture or customs, the kind of relationship you have with that man is not about genuine respect, true friendship, or love, in my opinion. You may think your relationship is romantic and about true love, but to me, a secret relationship is not at all about love. Sexual attraction is not necessarily proof of love. He tells you that he is lying to his parents and her, but the one that seems to be getting the lies so you will keep giving him sex while he marries someone else is you.

You call it lying, but the truth is you know he plans to make it work with the person he plans to marry. There is nothing wrong with that. If he truly wanted to be with you, he would marry you, not her.

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